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Our children's indoor play equipment is brand new and installed in June 2014. It meets the highest current European Standard and has been inspected independently prior to our opening. 


We also complete routine detailed checks to ensure the condition is monitored and maintained. 

Our aim is to present challenge & risk in a safe & stimulating environment. We will do our upmost to prevent accidents but it must be accepted that play does present an element of risk.


Entry & exit is controlled via magnetic doors both to ensure security and to prevent over capacity. 

We constantly review our risk assessments & procedures to ensure we are operating the attraction to the highest possible standard. Let us have your feedback - it all helps. 

How grown-ups can help:


For everyone to enjoy the attraction and equipment we require adults to supervise children whilst they play. Yes, there is nice comfy seating and fabulous coffee but please ensure you supervise your children as we do not. 1 adult can supervise up to 6 children.

You are welcome on the equipment (excluding the Ninja Course) BUT please take care especially within our Ocean World Section as the equipment is state of the art but can easily be damaged.


Please don't let your kids take food & drink into any of the play areas. No chewing gum - this is a choking hazard and can damage the equipment. 


Please make sure your child plays in the area appropriate for their age. This helps prevent accidents and encourage confidence amongst our younger guests.


There will be times when we may be busy. As a result, once we reach capacity there may be a wait time to gain entry. During busy periods play sessions will be restricted to 2 hours. 

Ninja Zone

The ninja zone is suitable for children between 7 years to 11 years. Adults are required to supervise children on the course at all times from outside of the course. No adults are permitted on the course. We recommend the use of our Brean Play socks or trampoline socks with grippy bottoms. Children should not use the course if they have any pre-existing medical conditions. Maximum of 2 children per lane. See the safety sign on display.


Car Parking

There is an all-day parking fee of £4.50 all day or £3.00 after 3:00 pm between March - November. Members park for free and if you are a local resident (within 20-mile radius) you may apply for a residents pass to claim back your parking fee when using Brean Play & Brean Splash only. Click here to apply for a pass. 


No Food & Drink 

Is allowed to be brought in with the exception of baby food for babies under 12 months. We have a fabulous cafe that caters for all ages. Also, please NO GLASS. 


Socks On- Long Sleeves - Trousers

To keep the equipment clean socks must be worn by children & adults. No exceptions. If you do not have any - you can buy some from reception. Shoes must be removed and put in a sensible place. Remove all sharp items such as keys, buckles etc as this may damage the equipment. To avoid friction burns we recommend arms and legs are covered. 


Max Height & Age Restrictions

Our equipment is suited for children 0-11 years. The maximum height of a child using the equipment in the main area 148cm.

Our toddler area is strictly for children 4 & under. The ninja zone is suitable for children between 7 years to 11 years. Non-playing children over the height of 148cm are charged at the adult admission rate. 


By paying for admission you are accepting your responsibility to ensure you will supervise your children

to ensure they play safely by using the equipment correctly and follow our play safe rules AT ALL TIMES.


We are sorry but we do not admit single adults without children into Brean Play. If you are meeting someone bring this to the attention of a team member at Reception. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times (someone over the age of 16) whilst in the attraction. Children must not be left unattended. 1 adult can supervise up to 6 children. NOTE we do not supervise the play areas.



Please let us know if there are any problems with the equipment or any spillages - if we don't know we can't help. Please also report any accident your child has as it is important we record this and investigate to see if any remedial action is required. 



We do not accept Tesco club card vouchers within Brean Play.

Last admissions

Last admission is 1hr prior to closing. No discount admission applies unless it falls within the after school offer.


Exit & Re-admissions 

Exit and re-admission back into Brean Play is not permitted. We are sorry but we do not admit single adults without children to Brean Play. If you are meeting someone please speak to a team member who will arrange for a tannoy announcement.



Abuse the rules and you will be asked to leave with no refund. 

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