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Over the past few years, we've made conscious efforts to minimise any adverse effects on our local environment and champion sustainability in all aspects of our operations. With sustainability at the core of our mission, we've developed a clear strategy aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to guide our environmental, social, and economic goals. This strategy is regularly communicated to our valued employees and guests, ensuring everyone is on board with our vision for positive change.

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Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our investments in renewable energy, such as our impressive array of 900 solar panels on Brean Leisure Complex, which generated over 220,000 kWh of electricity last year alone, significantly reducing our reliance on the grid.

We've also implemented advanced energy management systems to monitor and optimise energy usage in real-time, resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact. Furthermore, our transition to energy-efficient LED lighting has further slashed our energy consumption. We also have an electric car charging space in our parking area aiming to encourage people to choose low-emission transport.


In our pursuit of waste reduction, we've implemented comprehensive recycling initiatives across our venue and holiday resort, achieving an impressive 51% recycling rate last year. By strategically placing recycling bins and eliminating single-use plastics, we're actively working towards a greener future. Additionally, our promotion of reusable drink cups within our café not only minimises waste but also rewards environmentally-conscious guests with discounts.

Sustainability isn't just a trend for us—it's deeply ingrained in our company values. We understand the importance of fostering sustainable practices to ensure the continued enjoyment of our facilities by future generations. Brean Leisure Park and Holiday Resort Unity extends the sustainability goals further to protect the natural environment, and protecting local wildlife, and received Gold in David Bellamy Conservation Awards, through The British Holiday & Home Parks Association, as well as a 2018 Special Distinction Award. We are very proud of our beehives, located in the golf fields, which not only provide us with delicious honey but also help to maintain the natural environment in the area.

Moreover, each year we fundraise for a spider charity through our second-hand children’s sale and other team and guest events. Our charity for 2024 is BARB, Burnham Area Rescue Boat, a volunteer led organisation saving lives in Burnham area and supporting the community.


Recognising the growing significance of sustainability in attracting top talent and satisfying guest expectations, we remain committed to transparency and ongoing communication regarding our sustainability efforts. Together, let's ensure a brighter, more sustainable future for Brean Play and beyond.


We are delighted to announce that we been officially accredited as a #SurfersAgainstSewage Plastic Free Business Champion!


Brean Play is a much loved attraction at Brean Leisure Park and many of our environmentally friendly replacements are in use in and around the play area. This includes our reusable cups which guests can fill up in our café and across the resort whilst getting a discount on their drink. Single use cleaning wipes have been replaced with a microfibre alternative that can be used multiple times to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness across our facilities. Many guests to Brean Play also enjoy swimming in our nearby Brean Splash where single-use swim nappies have been phased out and replaced with reliable, reusable alternatives.


We are passionate about making sure children have a wonderful time when visiting Brean Play, and as a business we recognise the importance of prioritising sustainable practices to ensure many future generations of children can continue to enjoy our facilities. We are delighted to receive recognition for our sustainability efforts and we aspire to be trailblazers in our sector.

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