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Click here to purchase a Voucher 

1. Select the voucher you would like to purchase

2. When you are ready to checkout, select View selections or the basket icon

3. From there, select Book now to proceed with the booking

4. Enter your email address in the blank field before selecting Continue.

5. Continue to payment


You will receive 2 emails; the booking confirmation email and the email containing the voucher

You can purchase multiple vouchers and tickets at the same time.


You can redeem your vouchers in stages, meaning you do not need to spend the whole value in one booking.

Please note: You won't be able to choose how much you use in one transaction, but if your voucher is more than the booking, you can spend the remaining balance at a later date.

1. Using the QR code on the voucher - This takes you to the redemption page with the voucher already applied.

2. Manually adding the voucher code to your basket during checkout - Enter the voucher code in the 'enter discount code or voucher' section  (e.g. GKTGH-69D73-EDYRP) select apply and then double-check the redeemed amount before selecting Book now to continue and complete your booking.


3. Using the link on the voucher -  This link takes you through to the balance checker (where you can enter your voucher code). Once you select Check balance, you can view your voucher information, such as the balance remaining and which pages you can redeem the voucher.When you select Apply to basket, you will be redirected to the corresponding schedule page, where the code automatically applies to the basket, from here, you can add your tickets to your basket and check out as normal.


You can view your purchased active/inactive vouchers from within the customer portalFrom here, select Details next to the voucher you wish to view. From here, a screen will appear displaying the voucher code, when it was purchased, and any additional details.

If you have received a voucher as a gift, you can check the balance HERE

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